Arcadia Reptile Halogen 75W and Deep Heat Projector 50W Lamps

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- Dual Heat pack
- Provides optimum day and night heating
- Contains Halogen Flood and Deep Heat Projector
- Cost effective
- For use with Digital Dimming Thermostat


The Arcadia Reptile Optimal Heating Pack has been designed to provide reptile keepers with a cost effective, single box option for heating modern enclosures.  

This kit contains the Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot 75W and Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 50W

The Arcadia Optimal Heat Pack has a number of uses. Use the Halogen Lamp during the day for basking and then the Deep Heat Projector at night when required to provide a lightless but energy efficient and bioavailble heat source. Alternatively, pair the bulbs together as a hybrid system, the Halogen lamp is bright and attractive to basking, it is quickly warming and IR-A rich. The Deep Heat Projector when placed together with the Halogen will further fill the spectrum adding in more IR-B. 

From Arcadia Reptile's 10 years+ of testing this technology it is the coupling of both Halogen and Deep Heat Projector that shows the very best results in terms of increases in activity, feeding, colouration and reproduction. 

Arcadia Reptile Halogen and Deep Heat Projector Lamps are suitable for use with digital dimming thermostats such as the HabiStat Digital Dimming thermostats and should be used with wattage appropriate ceramic deep dome lamp holders such as the Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp with Ceramic Holder 14cm (5.5")

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