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1 package of ReptiBlock premium coconut bedding.

Why Reptiblock is perfect for your animals;

Young Coco’s

Because it simply looks better, it is softer for the animals and it contains far less fine dust! It has the right age, so it won't mold, and doesn't stain the animals!

Washing and Sieving

Washed 3 times in a row with fresh and clean water from a deep-drilled well, sieved when dried in 2 different sieves to get a perfect fraction of nice reptiblocks.

Less fiber for animalsafty

Fibers are the hardest to digest, so we tried to lose as much as possible! In a terrarium we don't need a demping factor in the bedding, so we don't need long fibers.

1 block expands up to minimal 70liters of bedding!

The perfect substrate for

  •      The snake
  •      Land turtle
  •      Agama the Bearded
  •      Gecko
  •      Chameleon
  •      Amphibians
  •      Plants such as orchids, tropical or hunting
  •      Crabs
  •      Hamsters, Mice and other Rodents
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