Natural Calcium 50 grams

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Gecko Nutrition Pure Calcium is a pure calcium preparation without vitamin D3 to prevent and compensate for calcium deficiency and its secondary diseases (such as Metabolic bone disease). It supports a healthy calcium metabolism and contributes to the optimal development of the skeleton.

It consists of finely ground red algae. Red seaweed is a natural source of calcium carbonate, which is rich in bioavailable calcium. Compared to other calcium sources such as limestone or chalk, red algae lime offers a higher bioavailability. This allows the body to absorb and utilize the calcium more easily.

Animals that are still growing and especially egg-laying females have a higher need for calcium. The animals often try to compensate for a calcium deficiency by eating substrate, which can lead to severe blockages.

The calcium can be mixed in diets or dusted on feeder insects right before feeding.

Made in Germany.
Not for human consumption.

100 % Red Algae Lime (Lithothamnium calcareum)
Guaranteed analysis
Calcium 34 %
Store dry at 15-25 °C.
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